About AC Optomechanix

AC Optomechanix was founded by Lennino Cacace in March 2006, anticipating his graduation as a master of science in mechanical engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology in June 2006.

During his three traineeships he had been fortunate to design state of the art instruments that required an integral approach to applied optics, precision mechanics, mechatronics, optomechanics and metrology. To keep working in these fields without having to limit to just one specialization, and to enjoy a high level of independence and various work environments, taking on projects in the high tech sector as an independent party seemed ideal: AC Optomechanix was born!

The beginning of a series of successfully completed projects was marked by the first large assignment: a novel optical distance measurement sensor with unprecedented specifications has been developed for TNO Opto-Mechanical Instrumentation. The sensor is integrated in the NANOMEFOS machine, and is used for measurement of high-end freeform surfaces both internally as well as for third parties. Further information about NANOMEFOS can be found in the following TNO link.

AC Optomechanix is growing and currently expanding. Various patent applications have been filed and products are currently being developed in cooperation with partners. These products originated from engineering challenges encountered in the field.